Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 1500 mi
Update time = Tue, 25-Jun-2019 8:35pm CDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
3 mi NNW of Ridgely, Tennessee 2.1 000912567 mi 1561413325Mon, 24-Jun-2019 4:55pm CDT map
1 mi WSW of Pottsboro, Texas 2.8 001401870 mi 1561409752Mon, 24-Jun-2019 3:55pm CDT map
6 mi NNW of Cascade, Idaho 2.1 0022141376 mi 1561386258Mon, 24-Jun-2019 9:24am CDT map
6 mi ENE of Cherokee, Oklahoma 2.9 001207750 mi 1561385603Mon, 24-Jun-2019 9:13am CDT map
31 mi ENE of Warm Springs, Nevada 2.1 0024001492 mi 1561383900Mon, 24-Jun-2019 8:45am CDT map
12 mi ESE of Plainville, Kansas 2.6 001087675 mi 1561358596Mon, 24-Jun-2019 1:43am CDT map
20 mi SSW of Caliente, Nevada 2.3 0023611467 mi 1561357581Mon, 24-Jun-2019 1:26am CDT map
30 mi ENE of Warm Springs, Nevada 2.4 0024021492 mi 1561195436Sat, 22-Jun-2019 4:23am CDT map
7 mi W of Plainville, Kansas 4.5 001105687 mi 1561193424Sat, 22-Jun-2019 3:50am CDT map
1 mi E of Ridgely, Tennessee 2.5 000917570 mi 1561192502Sat, 22-Jun-2019 3:35am CDT map
9 mi ESE of Lincoln, Montana 2.8 0019121188 mi 1561180658Sat, 22-Jun-2019 12:17am CDT map
8 mi ESE of Lincoln, Montana 2.3 0019131188 mi 1561180403Sat, 22-Jun-2019 12:13am CDT map
12 mi NNW of Shiprock, New Mexico 2.5 0019291199 mi 1561145837Fri, 21-Jun-2019 2:37pm CDT map
9 mi SE of Enid, Oklahoma 2.2 001218757 mi 1561141112Fri, 21-Jun-2019 1:18pm CDT map
6 mi NE of Soda Springs, Idaho 2.2 0018931176 mi 1561136014Fri, 21-Jun-2019 11:53am CDT map
4 mi S of Hennessey, Oklahoma 2.0 001251778 mi 1561118396Fri, 21-Jun-2019 6:59am CDT map
15 mi ENE of Mooreland, Oklahoma 2.0 001272790 mi 1561117251Fri, 21-Jun-2019 6:40am CDT map
9 mi ENE of Waukomis, Oklahoma 2.9 001218757 mi 1561111176Fri, 21-Jun-2019 4:59am CDT map
15 mi ENE of Mooreland, Oklahoma 2.3 001272790 mi 1561042362Thu, 20-Jun-2019 9:52am CDT map
12 mi W of Perry, Oklahoma 3.0 001208751 mi 1561029783Thu, 20-Jun-2019 6:23am CDT map
12 mi W of Perry, Oklahoma 2.0 001208751 mi 1561028487Thu, 20-Jun-2019 6:01am CDT map
14 mi ENE of Mooreland, Oklahoma 2.1 001274791 mi 1561026825Thu, 20-Jun-2019 5:33am CDT map
15 mi ENE of Mooreland, Oklahoma 2.6 001274791 mi 1561026359Thu, 20-Jun-2019 5:25am CDT map
22 mi E of Presidio, Texas 2.5 0021711349 mi 1560975109Wed, 19-Jun-2019 3:11pm CDT map
1 mi WNW of Greenback, Tennessee 2.0 001028639 mi 1560971646Wed, 19-Jun-2019 2:14pm CDT map
12 mi WSW of Hennessey, Oklahoma 2.1 001263785 mi 1560966091Wed, 19-Jun-2019 12:41pm CDT map
6 mi ESE of Lincoln, Montana 2.2 0019161190 mi 1560951912Wed, 19-Jun-2019 8:45am CDT map
38 mi SE of Salmon, Idaho 2.5 0020011243 mi 1560931113Wed, 19-Jun-2019 2:58am CDT map
43 mi NNE of Van Horn, Texas 3.1 0020221256 mi 1560923242Wed, 19-Jun-2019 12:47am CDT map

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